SANKOFA the Collection

Jeffrey Okyere-Agyei

We are excited to introduce a specially produced and designed coffee table art book for Jeffrey Okyere-Agyei’s latest remarkable creation, “SANKOFA the collection.”

Jeffrey, a contemporary abstract artist based in New York, is a visionary influenced by his upbringing in Accra, Ghana, where art surrounded him in various forms such as sculpture, dance, and visual arts. Despite not pursuing a formal education in fine arts, his passion for craft, drawing, and painting remained ingrained in him.

Our team has meticulously handled every aspect of this project, including project management, design, and production, to present an exclusive, high-quality hard cover coffee table art book.

Our Role:
Publishing Consultation
Assist and Advise for Print Options
Project Management Plan
Art Direction and Editorial Design
Production Strategies and Publication
Color and Print Management Solutions
Print Monitoring and Quality Control

Coffee Table Flipbook
Artbook Cover Coffee-Table Book

This exclusive publication showcases a deluxe cover finish, elegantly combining natural cloth and UV glossy black font to create an exquisite tactile experience. With 120 pages of art-quality paper, a tri-fold design, and a portrait-style presentation, the coffee-table artbook measures a size of 10×13 inches, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and thoughtful design.

Sankofa by Jeffrey Okyere Book
art book editorial design
park hyatt artist book design
sankofa the collection art book editorial design
jeffrey akyere-agyei art book design


“My goal with this collection is to express my unique vision of creativity, thus further strengthening my connection between my love of abstract art and my African heritage.”

Jeffrey Okyere-Agyei

Sankofa Original Art Piece
Editorial design studio artbook production
Editorial design studio artbook production
Sankofa Original Art Piece book
Sankofa by Jeffrey Okyere Book
Book Design Coffee Table Artbook Jeffrey Okyere
Editorial design studio artbook production
Editorial design studio artbook production
Sankofa Art Coffee-Table Book Cover Getsteez

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