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NIMBLE is the first of its kind career navigation inspirational tool for lawyers and law students. Expert guidance with user interface technology, giving members insight to suggested and appropriate action. We created a complete brand identity system to develop their online project with a membership website, Caspio platform, social media imagery, stationery system and logo design as part of their brand.

Our Role
Logo Design
Visual Identity
Brand Guidelines
Web Design
ad creative studio

Identity Atmosphere

The concepts based on the brief bring the attention into the bellow image options.

Education / Navigation
Conducting / Success

branding brief

Logo Structure Zone

The logo exclusion zone is equal to the letter M for width and height in all directions around the logo.

logo design

Colors & Applications

The square box will be used throughout the system. When the background is too large we can use it without a box. The logo can be used in positive or negative depending on the background colors.

nimble logo design

Stationery & Collateral design

Tagline Usage

The slogan is not part of the logo. It can be placed in different ways to identify the brand. Here are some ideas of how both could be worked on.


logo tagline

Brand Colors

The selection of the primary colors of the brand is based on the client’s proposal. We search for the correct Pantone color, which can be used for print and digital.

Orange represents:
Enthusiasm / Fascination
Happiness / Creativity
Determination / Success
Encouragement / Stimulation

Grey represents:
Extraordinary / Formal
Conservative / Sophisticated
Strong / Neutral
Settlement / Mysterious

branding colors

Primary Color System

A Pantone color guide with equivalents in all formats, RGB and Hex for the web.

logo branding colors pantone

App Secondary Colors

Secondary colors were applied throughout the user interface in a consistent and brand-compatible manner. Color creates distinction between elements, with sufficient contrast between them.

branding Secondary Colors

Brand Typography

The font used for the brand in both cases web and print is Nunito Sans.

Brand Typography
web design

Membership Pages

NIMBLE is a membership site divided in 4 plans that offers law students expert guidance and suggested content. We developed the membership subscriptions with MemberPress and the platform application with Caspio.

Membership Pages
branding Collaterals

Advertisign Campaign

Billboard and ad design for different services offered by NIMBLE.

Structure Layout

Composition for landscape advertising, digital or print uses.

advertising agencie Campaign
advertising 2021 creative agency Campaign
brand guidelines
brand guidelines pages

“Five stars are not nearly enough for Silvana and Diego from TheFlatStudios! They are highly skilled, responsive, professional, ethical, and provide the very highest quality work product. We are very fortunate to call them part of our team.”

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